04 November 2008

Embrace the Suck


Some random thoughts here....

Part of me is happy that McCain lost. I truly hope it leads to a rebirth of the Republican Party. I hope that his loss sends a message to those in power that we will not vote for a man who is a Republican in name only. A Republican who believes in amnesty. A Republican who believes in global warming. A Republican who created the biggest assault on the 1st amendment with his ridiculous McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform. A Republican who is just as likely to vote with Democrats as he is with Republicans.

I'm hoping that as was the case with Carter, we get a Reagan in 4 years. Not a Huckabee, not a Romney, not a Guiliani. A fiscal conservative. Someone who will make government smaller. Someone who will put our country's defense first and stop pandering to dictators large and small across the world. Someone who will respect and protect the Constitution.

I'm also hoping that the Democrats will not kill us all in the next two years. I believe that they will push a hard left agenda very hard before the next Congressional elections. God help us if a conservative judge leaves the Supreme Court between now and then. Buy your high cap mags and AR's now, as I know there will be another round of gun laws coming down the pike. At the very least high demand due to fear and panic buying is going to drive the price up up up.

Radical Islam can not help but see this as a victory. I truly hope Obama is prepared to make the tough decisions that are going to wind up on his desk in the coming years. I doubt very much that he will, but there's always "hope", I suppose.

I strongly suspect that Israel will strike Iran before Obama takes office. I would if I was in their shoes because they know that the United States will not support them after Obama's elected. And their back is seriously up against the wall. They simply cannot afford to have a nuclear Iran on their doorstep. I wish them well because they truly will be alone in the world with an Obama administration.

And a final thought.... Now that we have a black president, does this mean that racism in this country is over? Will Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton be out of the race baiting business? Can we do away with quotas and affirmative action? Will hate crimes decrease? Will dogs and cats finally be able to get along once Obama waves the magic wand?

Obama and the Democrats are about to learn that governing is significantly harder than running for office. The ball is now in your court, fellas. Try not to drop it.

And to you, my fellow gun nuts, conservatives, libertarians, friends... Embrace the suck.
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