22 October 2008

Taking aim at Obama's stance on gun control

If Obama were the true messiah we're led to believe by the traditional media, I would still never vote for him due to his lack of respect for the 2nd Ammendment.

Any policitian who would disrespect the 2nd Ammendment will disrespect the rest. We already know that a Congress controlled by Pelosi and Ried would bring back the fairness doctrine, effectively butchering the 1st Ammendment. Is there any doubt that a Democrat controlled Congress would push for more limits on the 2nd Ammendment with a liberal Democrat in the White House?

John Lott offers some insight into Obama's gun control past and if for no other reason, we simply cannot afford to have Obama as the next President of the United States.

No major-party presidential nominee has ever had as strong and consistent an anti-gun record as Obama. Here is a politician who supported a ban on handguns in 1996, backed a ban on the sale of all semiautomatic guns in 1998 (which would encompass most guns sold in the country), and advocated banning gun sales within five miles of a school or park in 2004 (a virtual ban on all gun stores). He also served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, the largest private funder of anti-gun research in the country.

This evidence should be sufficient, but I have yet another reason to be skeptical. I knew Obama during the mid-1990s, when we were both at the University of Chicago Law School. Indeed, when I introduced myself to him, he said, "Oh, you are the gun guy."

I responded, "Yes, I guess so." His response, as I recall it, was, "I don't believe that people should be able to own guns."

When I said it might be fun sometime to talk about the question and his support of Chicago's lawsuit against gunmakers, he simply grimaced and turned away, ending the conversation.
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