15 June 2008

Market Hall Gun Show

After getting rained out at the match in Greenville yesterday - honest to goodness, SERIOUS rain at the range, high, hot and dry at home - JR and I decided to hit the Market Hall gun show. As we've posted here before, Market Hall has really dropped off as a great show. Compared to the big Reliant Center show in Houston, Market Hall is about 1/3 as big and there seems to be a preponderance of beef jerky and airsoft guns.

There WERE some interested things to see. Notably, JR and I both truly appreciate the attire most women seem to wear at gun shows. I don't know what it is, but ladies that go to gun shows are usually showing off their finer assets; and speaking for myself, I'm deeply appreciative.

There was one dealer who was selling NIB "overstocked" DPMS AR flat top carbines for $619 with a gas block in front and no front sight and $635 or so with a front sight. They were a good $275-$300 cheaper than other similar ARs at the show and I'm kicking myself for not picking one up. I did manage to pick up some mags for a rainy day, some AR mags (both .223 and 9mm) and a couple of 10 round McCormick power mags for my 1911 that I'll use next month at the big ProAm match in Tulsa.

Seems there were a bunch of hoodlums out as well in their gang colors or wearing shirts that said things like "gangster forever" on them. Why those turds are let into the gun show is beyond me - I know why they're let in - no one wants a lawsuit saying that said poor little hoodlum was discriminated against on the basis of his appearance, but still, I'd kick those cretins out in a heartbeat, lawsuit be damned.

It also seems as if there is more flat out disinformation fed to potential buyers by salesmen who have no idea what they are talking about. Dealers talking about this gun or that gun and given a minute, you can tell that they have no clue about what they're talking about and only know what they've read in the latest edition of Guns and Ammo - where no gun writer has ever met a gun he didn't like. My point is, if you're looking for a new blaster, and you aren't sure what you're looking for - ask someone who shoots. Alot! It's clear that there are "gun people" who can tell you every tiny detail about every gun ever made. And then there's those of us who shoot. When it comes to picking a gun - especially one for self defense or competition, pick carefully who you get your info from!

And I'll add a word or two on gun show etiquette. Take your stinking finger off of the trigger. Do not pick up guns off the table or carry guns around with your booger picker wrapped squarely around the trigger. I can't tell you how many guns JR and I had pointed at us either by passers by or folks at the tables with fingers squarely on the trigger with no thought given to where the gun is pointed.

I've seen 2 or 3 ADs at gun shows over the years with "unloaded" guns. I'd really rather not see one up close and personal because some idiot isn't paying attention to what he's doing.
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