18 June 2008

Big John

Senator Cornyn came out with a light hearted and entertaining video at the GOP convention a week or so ago. Since that time, the libs have been attacking the video in one way or another. This proves my point once again that probably the worst thing about the entire liberal movement is that they don't have a sense of humor. At all. And who wants to be around someone who is perpetually outraged??

Second, this brings to mind the internet email that was passed around a while ago; and I think it's a valid point today - the libs don't like cowboys. They don't like what they stand for, they don't like what they'll stand up to, and they don't like the image of a man who can take care of things himself without having to rely on his mommy (or the government) to solve his problems. In part, that email went like this:

When I was a kid, cowboys were my heroes.

Well, I mean the ones in the white hats, not the black hats, who were usually the bad guys.

What were common attributes of these legendary cowboys?

Here are a few:

They were never looking for trouble.

But when trouble came, they faced it with courage.

They were always on the side of right.

They defended good people against bad people.

They had high morals.

They had good manners.

They were honest.

They spoke their minds and they spoke the truth, regardless of what people thought or "political correctness," which no one had ever heard of back then.

They were a beacon of integrity in the wild, wild West.

They were respected. When they walked into a saloon (where they usually drank only sarsaparilla), the place became quiet, and the bad guys kept their distance.

If in a gunfight, they could outdraw anyone. If in a fist fight, they could beat up anyone.

They always won. They always got their man. In victory, they rode off into the sunset.

In our new touchy feely era, men aren't supposed to be like this. They're supposed to be in touch with their emotions, their feminine side. And it's largely the reason we are in the mess we're in today.

While not claiming to be a cowboy myself - For instance, I don't own a cowboy hat, can't stand horses, and have no idea where my one pair of cowboy boots are - I think Washington DC would probably be a lot better off if more cowboys were in office than the career politicians that reside there today, but that's just me.
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