05 February 2008


The internet gun forums are abuzz with the latest "must have" item. Check out the AR-15 forums, the AK forums, Sturmgewehr, etc etc etc and you'll find a thread on the GSG-5.

The GSG-5 is an exact copy of the famous H&K MP5; except instead of 9mm, the GSG-5 is in .22LR! I've been lusting after an MP-5 every since the SAS debuted this fantastic weapon at Princess Gate.

Since you can no longer import MP-5s into the country, the price on them is simply out of my reach; or at least, out of my reach if I want to stay married, that is. For a semi-auto version, you could very easily pay more than $4,000 in today's market. Forget about full auto if you're a regular working guy. The GSG-5 is very affordable, at $500.

Ever since hearing about them, I've wanted to pick up a GSG-5. As mentioned above, I've had a lusting relationship for an MP-5 for the longest time. In addition to Princess Gate, I've been fortunate in having been able to shoot a full auto MP-5 on multiple occasions through different friends or Police agencies. Trust me when I say the MP-5 rocks!

Once I heard about the GSG-5, it looked like an opportunity to track down a dream I've had for over 25 years. So I started looking. And looking. And looking. No one had them. And not just here in the Metroplex. Anywhere in the country. I contacted gun shops literally from one end of the country to the other in a quest to find these little rifles before they became impossible to find. You see, only about 1500 or so are going to be imported into the country at first. With the great price point of the rifle, and the cheap cost of .22 ammo, the GSG-5 is going to be very hard to get. Add to the fact that all 4 of the main Presidential candidates will sign off on an assualt weapons ban, these rifles may not just be hard to find, but nearly impossible or crazy expensive in a year or so.

Our buddy Dave also got the lust for the rifle and put his immense intelligence apparutus to work tracking down the GSG-5. All I can say is that Dave needs to be working for the CIA because in only a few days, he tracked down 2 of these rifles - and right here in Dallas! He was able to sweet talk the seller into holding on to the two rifles for one day and one day only as people are literally busting down his door to buy them.

Dave and I drove out today and here you can see a pic of my latest aquisition.

Range report to follow ASAP.
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