03 November 2007

Get the waaaambulance

It would seem that our easily insulted, PC society strikes yet again. A poor misunderstood, mistreated, and insulted kid got his widdle feelings all in a knot over the use of the "N" word in class. One of the best literary works in the history of our once fair country, Huck Finn, was being discussed and this poor widdle cretin got all worked up over the "N" word as discussed in the book.

As a result of this poor child's widdle feelings getting hurt, the entire staff gets to undergo some sensitivity training; ain't that grand? I heard one of the local radio stations mention that this little turd's family wanted the school to stop using Huckleberry Finn in school altogether. I suppose, considering that his family is muslim, that it's OK to teach the koran where beheading infidels, subjugating women and raping children is acceptable behavior?

You know, I think that as a society, many of our fellow citizens go walking around looking for a way to be offended. I say, grow some testicles, don't be such a titty baby, cowboy up and soldier on. I could also say to this ingrate that he's more than welcome to go to school in some suck ass 3rd world islamic country and not have to worry about being offended by Mark Twain.
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