15 December 2007

Hotel chain offers a room at the inn for Marys and Josephs

Just in time for the holidays - if you and your betrothed's names are Mary and Joseph, Travelodge has a room for you.
Almost 30 Josephs and Marys had already signed up for the free night's stay at the Travelodge, said Shakila Ahmed, a spokeswoman for the hotel chain.
Shakila Ahmed?
Ahmed said the offer, which will run from Christmas Eve to Twelfth Night -- December 24 to January 5 -- had been very well-received.

"We've had a lot of interest. I think people like the fact that it resonates with the Nativity story at a time when the actual meaning of Christmas often becomes forgotten in festive overkill," she said.
Perhaps I was hasty in my prejudice.

Nonetheless, it's a good thing for Joseph. I understand Mary's been riding his ass for days.
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