15 August 2007

Hugo Chavez to unveil proposal tonight

If anyone doubts that a democracy can fall into despotism, please take a moment to consider what is happening in Venezuela tonight.
President Hugo Chavez will present his blueprint for constitutional reform Wednesday, proposing sweeping changes expected to allow him to be re-elected indefinitely.
I'm not so naive as to posit that Venezuela has enjoyed any form of real democracy during Chavez's reign, but now the sham is being exposed for what it really is: a full-blown dictatorship, thinly disguised with the benign name of "constitutional reform." If by "reform" you mean "disposal," then it's on the money. Of course, Chavez has answers for critics:
Chavez rejects allegations that he poses a threat to democracy.

The Venezuelan leader predicted that most people would support his proposal to reform the constitution, but he also forecast the beginning of a tenacious political battle with the nation's opposition.

"I have faith that we are going to convince the immense majority of Venezuelans of the necessity and the immediate benefits that this is going to bring the country," Chavez said during a televised interview.

"Tomorrow our great battle begins," Chavez said. "They are going to launch a campaign tomorrow to try to distort the text and the spirit of the proposal."
A reform proposal, my fanny. Look at the propaganda machine in full swing, and look at his supporters. There are masses of people in Venezuela who are actually proponents of this change. Here's the great irony of the whole thing:
National Assembly President Celia Flores said lawmakers could finish the reform debate within two months. Under the constitution, the final draft of the proposal must be approved by voters in a referendum.
That's right - the people must vote to relinquish their democracy. And you just watch - they'll do it cheering all the way to the polls.

But that could never happen here, could it? Yes, people ARE that stupid.
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