16 August 2007


Yep, friends, Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

Not so much the fact that a hurricane has the potential to enter the Gulf. After all, that's only been happening for the last several thousand years or so.

But more for the breathless, please please please let there be destruction news media who will be covering this storm like there's no tomorrow.

Here's some predictions from ole Catfish:

- There will be live, on the ground coverage in New Orleans. As part of this coverage, there will be interviews with people still trying to recover from Katrina.
- There will be live, non stop, 24/7 coverage of this storm the instant in hits the Gulf (if indeed it makes it into the Gulf of Mexico.
- There will be non stop coverage of just what FEMA is going to do to help anyone potentially displaced by this storm.
- There will be the obligatory global warming interviews all over the news, explaining that all these major hurricanes are essentially man-made.
- The news media will essentially create a state of panic.

Please feel free to add your own. This should be a good one, as the media has been frothing at the bit since last year when there weren't any hurricanes to worry about.
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