10 July 2007

Presidential Candidates In First Ever Gay Debate

For the first time the leading candidates for the presidency will hold a televised debate devoted solely to LGBT issues. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards have confirmed they will participate. Several other Democratic candidates also may join the debate.

What a colossal waste of time this is going to be. I think we should try to guess what the top 10 questions and issues are that they are going to debate. I'll start.

10. If you were a drag queen, would you rather emulate Madonna or Cher?
9. Who was better, The Village People or Queen?
8. When wearing short shorts and hiking boots, what is hotter, fishnet tank tops, or wife beater undershirts?
7. Gerbils, should they be put on the "protected and endangered" list?
6. Should Lesbians be allowed food stamps seeing how they eat out so much?
5. Since homosexuals refuse to stop having unnatural and unprotected sex, what is the government going to do to help stop the AIDS epidemic?
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