17 April 2007

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence - Yeah, whatEVER.

Let's allow the Brady Bunch to help us. Click on the link above, and use their very own form letter to send your message to your congress-persons and the President. If you're at a loss, here's my version:
Please don't listen to the outrageous lies of these people. Guns aren't the problem, and we've got more than enough laws. If that monster was willing to kill 32 people, he could give one whit about one more gun law.

You want to make a difference? Allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. If only ONE person had been able to legally defend himself against this lunatic, we'd be reading about how tragedy had been averted, not about how 32 people were mercilessly murdered without ANY defense whatsoever.

Monsters are amongst us. Are YOU going to be the person who keeps me from protecting myself (or more importantly) my loved ones from the predators that would take our very freedom?

I AM the voice of reason, and I AM the voice of the vast majority of Americans. Help us help ourselves.
SHOW those Brady Bastards how you feel about their stupidity. Get off your ass, and do something about it!
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