13 April 2007

Army won't replace M4

Yes, we've found something that gets rid of the reliability problems of the M4/M16 and it's gas system.

No, we're not going to replace it with said system.

In an Army that appears to have as many lawyers on the front line as fighting men, this doesn't surprise me.

Instead of putting new tools in the hands of our warfighters who need them NOW, the Army instead is waiting for "the development of a new rifle firing an airburst round...." An AIRBURST round? Good God man.

Never mind that the 416 system, which we have discussed here before, would be a fairly inexpensive replacement for the existing M4/M16 rifles. Basically, all they would need to do is swap out uppers and you're ready to rock and roll.

But no, we're waiting for an airburst round. Crikey.
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