05 March 2007

Springtime in Texas

Man, does it get any better than this??

Started a bit brisk this morning, but warmed up to very comfy 70ish degrees. Got some yard work done I've been putting off; trimming trees and that kind of thing. Broke out a nice robusto sized Punch cigar, got my tree trimmer chugging away and took care of business.

When I was done with my work, I dug up a nice bag of mesquite wood chips, started a little bbq action and grilled up an absolutely fantastic steak that I'd had marinating all day with some soy sauce, olive oil, liquid smoke, garlic salt and Cajun spices. Finished the Punch while I was grilling away and watched the dogs play in the backyard.

I realize that technically it's not yet spring, but what a glorious day.

Life if good.
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