02 November 2005

US bird flu plan under attack

Somebody - someone who understands basic logic - besides me (I'm a computer scientist) - help me understand the logic here.

People are criticizing a plan that they say should've been implemented FIVE years ago, for a problem that does not yet exist today. More people have died from snake bites, alligator attacks, and frickin' sharks (no laser beams on their heads) than from bird flu (62 - count 'em - 62 people have died from bird flu). Where's the plan for eliminating reptiles and scary fish? And where are the critics of that plan? For that matter, shouldn't we have a plan for open containers of water, tall buildings, and mosquito bites? How do you get the bird flu?
People can catch it when handling or, especially, slaughtering fowl. It does not appear to be passed in cooked meat or eggs.
No, Catfish - choking your chicken will not get you sick. You'll go blind, though.
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