16 October 2005

‘Ninja' prompts helicopter search in McKinney

The McKinney PD's crack forces, including a K-9 unit and a DPS helicopter, were called upon this week to search for a mysterious assassin. High-tech was even used:
Redden said in the e-mail that one of the K-9 dogs found a scent but eventually lost it. He also said the helicopter searched the wooded area with a ”Forward Looking Infrared“ or thermal camera but no one was found.
Fortunately for the police, they received a call:
Just as police were about to call off the search, officers received a dispatch call from a man who said his 13-year-old son had been playing with his Ninja sword in the area and believed he might have accidentally scared the lady. Officers went to the man's home had ”a nice little chat with the father and his son,“ Redden said.
As Chief Wiggum would say, "Nice work, boys."
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