20 October 2005

Houston hotel vacancies might be rare

Nothing like a heaping helping of hubris for Houston.

The Houston Astros make it to the World Series for the first time in their history, and thousands of fans will flock to the City for the games. They're gonna need hotel rooms.
Hotel vacancies in Houston are tight but loosening up as thousands of Katrina evacuees are finding other places to live.

That may help in the long term for business travelers, but it may not be enough to satisfy Chicago White Sox fans who want to be close to Minute Maid Park if a World Series comes to town.

That's because nearly all the rooms booked next week near the park are already sewed up by more than 50,000 quilters attending a convention
Quilters? Quilters.
"We are asking hotels, all 500 hotels, to tell us what their availability will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday," Tollett said.
Sucks to be from Chicago to begin with, but this is icing on the cake. Enjoy your stay at Bubba's Flophouse Steakhouse.

Welcome to Texas. Now go home.
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