10 September 2005

Reason: Defenseless On the Bayou: New Orleans gun confiscation is foolish and illegal

This is a brilliant insight to what happens when government over-steps its bounds. In this case, it's an emergency that apparently gives New Orleans the right to suspend civil liberties, and delegate their authority to other non-local governmental police agencies. The results?
Last week, thousands of New Orleanians huddled in the Superdome and the Convention Center got a taste of anarcho-tyranny. Everyone entering those buildings was searched for firearms. So for a few days, they lived in a small world without guns. As in other such worlds, the weaker soon became the prey of the stronger. Tuesday's New Orleans Times-Picayune reported some of the grim results, as an Arkansas National Guardsman showed the reporter dozens of bodies rotting in a non-functional freezer.
You don't agree with the value of an armed citizenry?
The Times-Picayune detailed how dozens of neighbors in one part of Algiers had formed a militia. After a car-jacking and an attack on a home by looters, the neighborhood recognized the need for a common defense; they shared firearms, took turns on patrol, and guarded the elderly. Although the initial looting had resulted in a gun battle, once the patrols began, the militia never had to fire a shot. Likewise, the Garden District of New Orleans, one of the city's top tourist attractions, was protected by armed residents.
Let me ask you this question: if you were a resident of New Orleans, and were allowed to re-enter the city to collect your belongings, would you go unarmed? Me neither.
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