07 September 2005

Jefferson Parish, La.

And this is the part of town that escaped most of the major flooding.
Additional Re-Entry Information
09/04/05, 4:30 p.m.

Be advised that Jefferson Parish's conditions are deplorable.

Garbage will not be collected for some time, therefore we are asking all citizens to bury on their property any type of meats, poultry, and seafood that is removed from freezers and refrigerators. Normal garbage can be held in trash cans until collections are resumed.

Again, to reiterate to all Jefferson Parish residents - there will be no electricity, no sewerage capabilities, and very low water pressure throughout the parish. Additionally, there are no food commodities, no gasoline, no restauratants, no drug stores available at all in Jefferson Parish. We are urging residents to get in, assess your property, gather needed items and leave. It will be weeks before Jefferson Parish is livable.

The following are items that you may want to bring along when you return:
Bleach, rubber gloves, bottled water, cameras, prescription drugs, sanitation supplies, plastic garbage bags, disinfectant, flashlights, and batteries.
After Thursday, nobody will be allowed re-entry into the Parish for WEEKS, so the utility companies can work unhindered.
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