13 August 2005

U.S. Struggling to Get Soldiers Improved Armor - New York Times

I think the Times should just go ahead and begin calling themselves the American version of al-jazeera.

They'll print, in detail, of the failures. Fine. I've got no problem with telling it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

They ignore, in deafening silence, the victories. Typical.

I'm sure most of us remember not too long ago the story of the young trooper whose life was saved by his body armor, caught on video by the shooter.

I don't seem to recall either seeing the video, reading the story, or reading the letter that the soldier wrote describing the incident, and how the armor saved his life.

I guess it's easier to find fault than give credit to anything that happens during this administration's time in office.

I also don't remember seeing the Times criticize President Clinton for not supplying armor to the Rangers killed in Somalia, even though they were begging for it.

The New York Times sucks.
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