18 April 2005


Ann Coulter is not happy about her picture on the cover of Time magazine. Granted, it does make her nice legs look like pencils, but for those of us who love her, I can assure you it looks fine. I happen to think she is a very attractive woman. I have seen and heard liberals bashing her and trying to make fun of her looks, like the other night on Saturday Night Live, but I just don't get it. She is hot!
They cannot compete with her on the issues so they resort to doing what liberals do best. They attack her personally. It's like what is going on with Tom DeLay. They can't beat him at the ballot box, so they try to ruin his credibility as well as attack him personally. Don't worry about it Ann, you look great.

To be fair and balanced I am also posting a couple of magazine covers of President Clinton that were not very flattering.

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