14 March 2005

People's Daily Online -- "I don't think US should be the leader of the world"

Mr. Bennett - you're a jackass.

"Another source of the resentment is the perception that Bush administration wants to act unilaterally in the world, outside of alliance that traditionally governed the ways Bush made foreign policy decisions. In some ways the core of perception problems is centered on 911 terrorist attacks in 2001 in which the US government and Bush administration reacted by deciding that the country would make decisions in foreign affairs that respond only to US interests. They were not going to consult very widely, and not to compromise in making those decisions. That caused rift even among the US allies. So it is natural to see that the image of America is the lowest in public opinion."

I don't know about ya'll, dear reader, but I remember months and months and months of the United States working with the rest of the world on trying to bring an end to Saddamm's regime. As usual, no one else would cowboy up.

" Yong Tang: In such sense, do you think America should be the leader of the world?

Bennett: No, I don't think US should be the leader of the world. My job is helping my readers trying to understand what is happening now. What is happening now is very difficult to understand. The world is very complex. There are various complex forces occurring in it. I don't think you can imagine a world where one country or one group of people could lead everybody else."

What a total and complete asshole. And he can't figure out why the Post and other liberal standby's are losing popularity daily. I don't need you, Mr. Bennet, to help me *understand* what's happening. I need you and the other members of the media to tell me what's happening. I think I can figure out the complexity of the world on my own. I do have a brain and contrary to what you and the other liberal media pukes believe, I know how to use it.

"Bennett: We have a little bit different roles in newspapers compared with our counterparts in Europe and other countries. We don't have any political point of view that we are trying to advance. We don't represent any political parties. We are not tied to any political movement. On the news side of the paper we try not to give opinions. So I think the role the Washington Post should play is to hold the government accountable for decisions made by it."

Get the waders out!! Now, if you've ever wanted to see bullshit, here's some bullshit. This jackass says they have no political agenda, yet practically every major newspaper in this country leans leftward, and recommended to their readers to vote for John Kerry. And Al Gore. And Bill Clinton. And Mikey Dukakis. And Jimmy Carter. And JFK. And anyone else running as the Democrat standard bearer. But, they're not political and they don't represent any political parties. When's the last time you recommended voting for a Republican for President, jerk off?

There's more, but my blood pressure's high enough already and I've got to get some dry fire practice under my belt. For a good view on the inside working of a liberal media elite, give this a read.

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