16 March 2005


I know I've said this before. And I'll likely say it again. I love Ann Coulter.

I've noticed in the extensive coverage of the Nichols case in Atlanta, I can't recall a single time I heard on CNN Fox ABC CBS NBC etc.... that the deputy this thug killed after taking HER gun was a female. Always, it was simply "the deputy". Horrors upon horrors that this happened. But it did. And the reason can clearly be laid at the feet of the ACLU and the feminazis.

Why the ACLU? Thanks to cases that they support, criminals on trial cannot be made to wear handcuffs or shackles because it makes them look guilty. Heaven forbid thugs are made to feel guilty in the courtroom.

Why the feminazis? Thanks to the femanizis, a tiny grandmother is dead before her time. Without the femanizis pushing down our throats that women can do everything a man can, you get to see lovely incidents like this one.

Please, I'm not bashing women. I love women. They are simply wonderful creatures. But, in general, they are not as strong as men, and that's just a simple fact of life. The feminazis pushing this down our throats is going to continue getting women killed, and the civilians they are required to protect are going to get killed as well.

A friend of mine was a Houston cop several years back. When he was going through the Academy, he told me countless stories of how physical requirements for women were overlooked when they couldn't be met. How the gals were passed on, regardless of how weak or slow they were. One of the tests they were required to pass was to pull the double action trigger of their Sig service pistols 100 times. My friend told me that none of the girls could pull the trigger more than about 45 times. And they still passed. Makes you feel safer, doesn't it?

A cousin of mine is a fireman in Florida. He tells many of the same stories about female recruits being unable to carry ladders or heavy tools, or work with all the gear piled on your back like firemen have to carry. But they still passed the class. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy, right?

If women want to serve in an environment where the use of physical force is required, they should be required to pass the exact same physical fitness standards as the boys. And without those standards being 'dumbed down' for the girls. If they make it, they make it -more power to 'em - and we'll all be safer for it.
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