09 January 2013

Go Fix Something That Needs Fixing

Here's what bugs me the most about the current firestorm over gun rights, executive orders, etc.: it would appear that almost half of our population in these United States of America are OKAY with abridging, if not discarding, our rights for the sake of what? Imagined safety? A warm, fuzzy feeling that we've done something, even if it's futile? We've already tried this experiment, and it FAILED.

People, you can't discard your inalienable rights. You just can't.

You live in a hard world full of both good and bad people. Go get the bad people, and leave the good ones alone. The good people are your allies, not your enemies. Do something that will impact the bad and the sick. Fix them, not the people who don't need fixing. And trying to fix THINGS is just...misguided. Going after (pick your poison) guns, alcohol, drugs, baseball bats, knives, whatever...isn't addressing the issue.

You're trying to fix the things that aren't broken. Go fix the broken things.
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