07 February 2010

Super Bowl XLIV - 2010

I'd be remiss and untrue to my heritage as a member of a multi-generation New Orleans family if I didn't chime in with my observations on this Super Bowl.

People need to understand that the New Orleans football fan is a long-suffering person, one who has tolerated some of the most embarrassing teams in NFL history, including ones led by Archie Manning, father of the Colt's quarterback. New Orleans is a hard place to be an athlete. You can't buy a beer or a meal in NOLA if you play for the Saints, and you're quite the local celebrity. People know how to party, and I suspect it's tough for a professional athlete to maintain top condition given the environment.Let's face it - if you were drafted into the NFL, there would have been a lot worse places to live than New Orleans, am I right?

But something's different this year. I think this game will come down to who wants it more. I keep hearing all the prognostication about how Indianapolis will run roughshod over the hapless, inexperienced Saints. Let's keep this in perspective, because I don't think New Orleans will just lay down. They suffered a string of defeats late in the season, one most notably at the hands of the Cowboys. But they came back with a vengeance, and went toe-to-toe with that old guy and the Vikings. Yeah, it was as close as you can get, but they prevailed.

Truth be told, I just hope it's a good game, and I hope the Saints make the people of New Orleans proud.

Who dat?
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