21 December 2009

More from the most transparent government in history

Hmmmm. Let's see. East coast socked in from a nasty snow storm. Christmas Holiday in full swing. Health care debate taking place in the dark of night, behind closed doors and occupying most of the country's political attention.

LOTS of things going on to distract an ADD populace.

And what does the most ethical and transparent administration in history do over the weekend?

They release a dozen terrorist scumbags - scumbags captured on the field of battle - back to their countries of origin.
Over the weekend, four Afghan detainees were transferred to their home country. Two Somali detainees were transferred to authorities in Somaliland, the semi-autonomous northern region of Somalia. Six Yemeni detainees also were sent home.
Let's see. Afghanistan continues to see heavy fighting. I'm sure none of the turds going home will soon be pulling the trigger against our troops. Somalia continues to be a hotbed of terror - remember all of the pirates from this summer? And the Yemini contingent? I'm sure it is completely and totally a coincidence that our massively corrupt Attorney General's law firm was representing Yemenis who were being held at Gitmo. Follow the money, because if I were a betting man, I'd have to say that I'd expect a large donation to be made from the Yemeni government to Holder's firm in the future. After all, it's the Chicago way.
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