07 September 2009

Where do they find these people?

I fully realize and understand that there is about a third of the American electorate who continue to believe that he's the nation, if not the world's savior. That leaves an ever dwindling number of people in the middle third who think that perhaps maybe the chose one isn't so wonderful after all and an ever growing number in the final third who think he's the worst president of all time.

However, wanna guess who the AP only saw fit to include in this lovely cheer-leading article?

Typical of the quotes from "average Americans" you'll find are:

"No one is feeling satisfied with the state of the country," Derek Duffee says from behind his coffee bar's counter in Pennsylvania's Washington. "I don't know if what he's doing will work, but he's trying," says Miyoshi Braxton, an Obama fan smoking on a park bench outside her downtown apartment building in Steubenville, Ohio.
"This is really a whole new chapter in the state of America, and there's nothing we can do but keep doing what we're doing and hope it gets better," says Phil Axworthy, 58, a software developer taking a coffee break in Pittsburgh's Market Square.
About the only voice of "dissent", if you can call it that comes here:
They seethe about the expansion of government. But they also shrug that the country got what it elected — a Democrat whose Senate voting record tilted to the left.

"The socialist approach of government solving all the problems and controlling industry and controlling finance, that's not the way to continued greatness," Peter Marx, 57, at his used bookstore in Steubenville. That said, Marx added: "He won."
But don't worry, remember we are all just little lost lambs looking for some guidance from above:
Facing the possibility of American decline, people may simply be at a loss for what to do — and looking, as so often before, to their president to guide them.
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