04 September 2009

Our friends, the AP

Couple stories on tonight's news digest have really set me off.

First up, the AP states: Palin resignation costs Alaska at least $40,000 I don't know how much it cost for her to resign. Who cares? Where's the story on how much it cost Illinois and the US Senate for Barrack Obama to resign? How 'bout the story on how much it cost Delaware and the US Senate for Joe Biden to resign? Or even a story on how much it cost New York and the US Senate for Hillary Clinton to resign? And if you really want to get into it, how much did the death of Ted "the swimmer" Kennedy cost Massachusetts and the US Senate?

Based on the continuous snipe hunts, I'd say that the media is rather afraid of Mrs. Palin. I've no idea if I'd vote for her again; it would depend on who else is running. But the fact that she obviously scares the hell out of the leftists is nothing but good if you were to ask me.

The next AP story is even more revolting. The same asshats who refused to publish cartoons of mohamed because they didn't want to insult or offend muslims around the world have seen fit to publish a photo of a dying Marine against the wishes of his family.

The reporterette who snapped the picture tried to justify the image by stating that:
she showed members of his squad all the images taken that day and the Marines flipped through them on her computer one by one.

"They did stop when they came to that moment," she said. "But none of them complained or grew angry about it. They understood that it was what it was. They understand, despite that he was their friend, it was the reality of things.
No, you dumbass. They showed tremendous restraint and they probably had no idea whatsoever that you would be brazen enough to publish the photo.

In publishing the photo, on top of insulting the family of the fallen Marine, AP has provided our enemies with a propaganda coup. Isn't that sweet?

The AP continues to prove that it is not worth the paper it's printed on. Disgusting.
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