20 August 2009

If only...

I were king for a day. This turd would not live to enjoy one single breath of fresh air. This is one of those "red phone ringing at 2 in the morning" moments, and once again, the messiah has dropped the ball.

He apparently spoke quite forcefully against the release of this scumbag but frankly, Mr. President, there's a time for nice words and a time to pull the trigger.

This, dear reader, was one of those times to pull the trigger. Obama is learning that all of his niceties, all of his compassion for the rest of the world, all of his eloquence (when the teleprompter is working), and all of his 'diplomacy' don't account for a pile of beans in the real world.

Obama is making it quite clear that he is not willing to act to protect American lives around the world, and the American people are likely to pay a very dear price for it.

Radio free Texas, signing off.
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