29 June 2009

Ya know....

one of the worst things about our dear leader is that he's making Bill Clinton look good.

I thought I'd never say that.

I remember when I was but a wee lad, around 10 years old, when Carter was in office. I remember how embarrassed I was to be an American - the only time in my life I could say that. I remembered how embarrassed I was by how pathetic our country had become (I was a voracious reader and read book after book about what's now called The Greatest Generation...) with Carter at the helm. I remember gas lines, and being absolutely positively petrified that the Soviets were going to bomb us into oblivion because I knew Carter wouldn't do anything about it and that everyone in the world knew he was weak. I remember hanging my head in shame every time I heard about some puny little country halfway across the globe that had stormed our embassy and held AMERICANS hostage while our government did nothing for a year.

I also remember that same piece of shit country letting our hostages go just minutes after Reagan was elected - to my 12 year old brain, I knew that Reagan wouldn't put up with that bullshit and that the rest of the world knew it. I also recall how proud I was to be an American again, that there was someone in the Oval Office who wouldn't bow to every petty dictator in the world and who was legitimately looking out for American interests rather than bending over backwards to apologize.

I'm really hoping that someone steps up and takes on the mantle of Reagan and gets the country safely out of the mess that Obama is making. But considering the dear leader is only 5 months into his term and how much damage he's already wrecked, it ain't looking good.
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