30 March 2009

Sure been quiet 'round here....

And good reason for it. Several of your fearless scribes here at the Tattler have been absent and out of pocket for the past several days shooting the annual Double Tap Championship.

What a weekend!

I was fortunate enough to shoot with the match staff on Thursday - in absolutely wonderful weather. And then mother nature stepped in and hit us hard, square in the gonads. Friday was probably the worst day on the range I've ever had. Cold, with temps in the 30s, rain - HARD - and a hellacious north wind. All I could think of was "thank God I'm not shooting today."

Saturday was not much better. We woke up to scrape snow off our cars and then had to deal with biting, frigid weather for the bulk of the day. Again, thank God I was done shooting!!

Sunday was 200% better, and actually quite pleasant.

The neat thing about working this match is that you get to observe, up close and personal, some of the best shooters in the world - folks like Travis Tomasie and Emmanual Bragg. And then you also get to see some awesome local shooters, like our own Grandmaster, Adam Popplewell - and his out of control comp.

I know I'll be back again next year and ready to roll.

For the rest of the match pics, take a look here.
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