01 March 2009

baaa baaaaa baaa baaaaaa

"Grandmother, what big teeth you have got."
- Little Red Riding Hood

Kenneth Davis swapped two rifles that he inherited and a handgun. "They're just taking up space around the house," he said. "So, I brought them in.
"It's a worthwhile cause," said donor Cal Nunnally. "They were sitting around. It's in my best interests just to bring'em down."
"We weren't using it. Too much crime out here anyway," said donor Roy Collier. He and his family gave up a sawed off rifle.
"Got my grandkids staying with me," said donor Wayne Lovell. "I don't need them messing around with the gun, and I've got no use for it."
Bryron Goebel has daughters aged 3 and 6, and now no longer owns a rifle. "Too many guns out there that are not properly protected from kids or from society, so this is a great event," he said.
So, you've got some folks who would give up their right to self defense and others who are too lazy to teach their children how to act responsibly around firearms.

What a bunch of retards.
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