14 January 2009


we can believe in, right? Isn't that what we were promised during the election?

Well, how's the old saying go? The more things change, the more they stay the same? Or, to quote the Talking Heads, same as it ever was? Or maybe even The Who - we won't get fooled again, right?

The Chosen One hasn't even taken office yet and already his Cabinet smacks of the same ole, same ole issues that Washington politics seem doomed to repeat.

First, his choice for Commerce Secretary bows out. Seems there might just be some improper business that was conducted in New Mexico under his watch. I mean *ahem* some alleged improper business.

Next, we find out that the Messiah's choice to head the Treasury Department has a minor issue of not reporting income to the IRS and owing $34,000 in back taxes. And, oh yes, I had an illegal immigrant as a nanny too. No biggie, though, as it's apparently an "honest" mistake. Riiiiiiight. How long would MY jail term be if I made an honest mistake like that?

And now we're treated to the spectacle of the Secretary of State designee dancing around the issue of foreign countries donating money to hubby's foundation. I'm sure, no, I'm outright 100% positive that no foreign country would seek to receive favorable treatment from the United States of America by donating money to the various Clinton initiatives. After all, Senator Clinton herself states:

that under the agreement, foreign government pledges will be submitted to the State Department for review. She said it was unprecedented for a former president to agree to the disclosure her husband has, and that she was confident the current arrangement would avoid even the appearance of conflicts of interest.
Am I the only one who notices that having the State Department (which Hillary will be in charge of, by the way), review donations for possible conflicts of interest is somewhat like having the fox guard the hen house?

Change we can believe in?

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