23 December 2008

Lawsuit from cheerleader's mother: Carrollton-Farmers Branch schools didn't punish bullies enough

Extra bonus: this story got greenlit on Fark.com. Check out the commentary.

The mother of a former Creekview High School cheerleader has filed a federal lawsuit against Carrollton-Farmers Branch schools, arguing the district did not sufficiently discipline cheerleaders who she says bullied her daughter.

The lawsuit, brought by Liz Laningham, argues that the district discriminated against her daughter and "turned a blind eye" to the harassment. The lawsuit could result in a jury trial.
This is the same batshit-crazy woman who tried to have MY daughter thrown off the cheerleading squad because my kid kissed her little snowflake's boyfriend. Dramatic, but not a valid reason for being kicked off. When the normal process of appeal inside the school system bore her no fruit, she went on the RADIO and told her side of the story. Needless to say, I was not the happiest dad in town.

It sounds awful, but I'm thankful my daughter didn't make the varsity squad 2 years ago.

Fast forward to last Spring, and this woman's little snowflake didn't (*gasp*) make the team. I'm here to testify that shit happens, and girls don't make the squad sometimes. They're sad, then they get over it. It's one of life's hard lessons.

Unless your mom is a Texas Cheerleader Mom ©.
"The girl did not make cheerleader this year after being fairly judged, and we believe that's the basis of this lawsuit," said the district's attorney, Don Henslee. "We issued the discipline we felt was appropriate every time it was brought to our attention."

The girl's mother maintains her daughter did not make the squad because of the harassment that led up to tryouts and possibly unfair judging.

The lawsuit refers to a group of cheerleaders dubbed the Six-Pack. The nickname echoes that of the notorious Fab Five cheerleaders of McKinney North High School, whose exploits led to national headlines two years ago and a recent made-for-TV movie.
I've got my popcorn ready.

And why all the fuss? I think this summarizes it:
Before filing the case, the mother lost an appeal to the district asking that staff members of the high school be replaced, the cheerleading tryout be investigated, and that the daughter be reinstated to the cheerleading squad.

School board members denied the appeal at a special meeting on the parent's complaint on Aug. 21.

The family has since moved out of the district.
Great work there, Mom. I'm sure you've taught your daughter an important lesson. What it might be is anyone's guess.
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