30 November 2008

Market Hall Gun Show

I was too bored for words yesterday, so I took a chance and went to the Market Hall gun show. I met our pal Max there, so I had someone to visit with, at least. It took 20 minutes to get in the place. The line at noon stretched all the way to the parking garage (about 200 people deep). It moved quickly.

Crowded, but not uncomfortable. Too many kids and other non-buyers blocking access to tables, but a good backhand comes in handy.

Prices for anything AR/AK-related were outrageous. Even PMAGs were up to $27-30. ARs were going for $1400. Romanian WASRs for $700. Both were plentiful in supply, but various parts/accessories were scarce. I had no problem finding a sling for my AR. .223 ammo prices appear to be coming down, but everything else was stupid. $18.50 for 50 rounds of reloaded .40. Not really much different from past gun shows, come to think of it...

A couple of the obligatory gang-banger types were there, fingers wrapped firmly around the trigger of their unholstered 9mm shiny guns, but the crowd was mostly respectable. I saw a LOT of camo.

I'll be interested to see what prices do after the hysteria dies down a little. Assuming, of course, there's no good reason for all this price-gouging. I suspect folks that buy right now will largely be sorry for spending so much on a rifle. It's kind of ironic that Obama has been single-handedly responsible for such a boom in gun sales. People that had once been fence-sitters are now out buying. All in all, not a bad thing from that perspective.

I hear a lot of talk from people that are afraid the government will kick in their doors and seize their guns, and most are people who really didn't care that much before this election. It's an interesting set of dynamics. Discuss amongst yourselves.
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