07 October 2008

The Dallas Morning News Sucks

I'm going to cancel my subscription to the Dallas Morning News today. Why, you ask? Because they're too stupid to leave the comics alone. You read that correctly - the comics.

Does anyone honestly read newspapers for news anymore? I can go online and get news as it happens. Reading yesterday's news is almost silly. It's not like I'm waiting on the Pony Express to deliver 2-week-old news, but it's close to it.

I subscribe to the newspaper almost exclusively for the comics. The funnies. Once upon a time, you could read comics without magnification, and they were all in color. Up until this week, the DMN had a "comics" section, with 2 full pages of comics in color, and 2 full pages of comics in monochrome.

I sat down this morning (in the smallest room in the house) and went straight for the comics section, only to find it missing. I looked on the front page for a clue - nothing. Finally, realizing that the DMN had actually done it, I looked in a section named "Guide Daily," which features all sorts of useless information ("Maximize your gym bag's limited space 8E"), concert information, etc., and there they were: buried on page 11, smaller than ever, and not a single one in color.

At the bottom of page 1E is a little note from the DMN: "We have trimmed our lineup of comics, puzzles and advice columns that appear in "GuideDaily. blah, blah, blah..."

You suck, Dallas Morning News.
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