23 June 2008

GI Bill

Lone Star Times has a good summary of the latest version of the GI Bill that was approved by the House.

Senator Cornyn was on the right side of the issue, insisting on transferability and voting against the bill in the Senate because of it. The Senator commented today on the House vote and called out his opponent to support the House Bill; after his opponent shamelessly used Memorial Day as a political ploy against Cornyn.

Folks, I think we have to come to the conclusion that the Presidency this election cycle is really not going to be all that good, regardless of who wins. In which case, we're going to need a strong conservative base in the House and Senate to foil the will of the next President on items like gun control, global warming, and liberty. Get out there and support your local conservative House and Senate members and let them know where you stand. Cornyn's a good guy and we need more folks like him in Washington to make sure that the next President can't destroy what's left of our individual freedoms.
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