07 April 2008

Shooters giving a little back

Here's a little bit of background from the folks who were involved down in the Austin area:

I wanted to share a video of what happened at our local club this weekend. We have a USPSA shooter that is also a Marine that was injured in the Iraq war - his name is James Gill - He comes to many matches in the area and shoots very well - you never hear him complain that with one leg one eye he is having a hard time - NO - he shoots outstanding and has a great attitude. One of Austin's shooters and club member here at the Bullet Hole - Huston LaClair decided that this young man deserved something more than our friendship since he gave up so much to protect our freedoms! Huston got together an impressive list of Company's to donate and discount products to help this shooter shoot open division - he really wanted to shoot open but was having a hard time getting the massive funds together at one time to get started. In the end - Huston was able to gather up a New Grandmaster from STI and Dave Dawson - Tuned and ready - Shooter Connection donated a top of the line range bag with mags and the CR Speed complete rig with holster - Dillion 550 loader and all the goodies needed to reload!! 2000 Brass from Starline and 4000 Bullets from Magnus bullets and Zero! There are so many other things given you will need to watch the video! - Remember - he had no idea this was going to happen!
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