23 February 2008

President Obama

I can start to see the writing on the wall. We've got a RINO with the Republican nomination and it clearly looks like Obama is taking a commanding lead in the Democrat primary. It's not boding well for us angry white men.

Over the last few days, both Obama and Clinton have been campaigning in Texas. Here in DFW, Obama packed in around 18,000 people at Reunion Arena. Her royal thighness, on the other hand, held her rally in the parking lot of a local bank. Crowds were somewhat, well, smaller.

Talked to some friends in the Houston area and they said that was about par for down there as well. Obama drawing in the huge crowds and the Hildabeast pulling in much smaller gatherings.

Then you've got this story and it's really not shaping up well for the smartest woman in the world.

Which is unfortunate. I think that even McCain, as lame as he is, would beat Hillary like a drum. Obama, however, I'm not so sure of.

It's gonna be a long 4-5 years I think.
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