10 February 2008

GSG-5 Range Report

Ok, it's late and I'm tired so this will be brief!

Cliff's notes version of the range day with the GSG-5:

Shot ~900 rounds of mixed, bulk .22; Winchester and Federal. ONE failure to fire, and that was just a cruddy .22 round that didn't want to go bang and not the fault of the rifle.

Offhand at 10 yards, without really trying for a decent group, shot a one mag (24 rounds) group that would fit inside a silver dollar. From the bench, without using a rest for the rifle and just propping my elbows on the table I was easily hitting an 8 inch steel plate at 100 yards every time I pulled the trigger.

Had TONS of fun. This little rifle is a blast. Everyone should have one.

Here's the last mag of the day, and yeah, my trigger finger was damn tired - between all the .22, .223, .308, 9mm and .45acp I think I really got my trigger finger some good exercise today!

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