04 December 2007

Ah, the Clintons

This is what we're going to get for the next year. The Hildabeast telling us that she's just as capable of any man, but when the going gets tough, der Schlickmiester will come out front and center and defend her.

During a campaign stop on behalf of his wife, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former president said he can't understand why so much of the media coverage of the campaign ignores her experience....
I'm intriuged here. Just what expereince is that? She rode the coat-tails of Slick Willy in Arkansas, and kept right on riding them when he became the President. The biggest project she took on as first lady was the health care fiasco, which failed miserably. She claims to have foriegn policy experience but what exactly has she done? Sat in on meetings? Chatted with foreign leaders at State dinners?

I mean really. Let's be objective about this. Let's say you're a mechanic. Your wife comes to Christmas parties and after work get-togethers with your buddies. Does that make her qualified to work on your car? Because that's what the Clintons are saying. Since she was the President's wife, that makes her qualified to be the President. What ever happened to the NOW gang saying that women can rise on their own merits? Because the Hildabeast surely has not done that.

Regardless, get used to seeing Slick Willy on the campaign trail. Not only is her royal thighness lacking in any kind of experience, she's also lacking in any kind of personality. Say what you will about Bill's politics, the guy is one slick politician and knows how to interact with people. The Hildabeast, however, comes off as well as any two ex-wives at one time with little to none of the political acumen her husband has to offer.
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