03 August 2007

The USPS is Just Another Government Agency

I'm SO pissed off at my mail carrier right now, I could, um, go postal? Okay, not THAT mad, but pretty ticked. And it's MY blog, so I can rant all I want. Here's the deal. My home backs up to a greenbelt, and I live on a corner lot. I share a driveway with my neighbor, and my garage is around back. There are 4 automobiles in the household. I can cram 3 in the back, but one has to park out front. I've provided informative illustrations below:

My former mail carrier, Don, was a great guy, and understood that I can't keep the front of the house clear all the time, with kids, friends, and neighbors needing to park in front. I enjoyed visiting with him, and he knew everyone in the neighborhood, and I considered him a neighbor.
My current mail carrier, Deborah, is not so understanding. In fact, I'd classify her as a lazy government employee, who could stand to get out of her truck every once in a while - it's exercise (hint, hint).She has refused to deliver mail, and quoted USPS policy that requires the drive-up to the mailbox to be clear. I do what I can, but I just don't have control over people parking in front of my house.

What's worse, she's refused to deliver mail because the garbage man left the garbage bin in the street. I kid you not.

I've called and complained before, and it's gotten better for a while, then she goes back to quoting policy. I do what I can to ask people to keep the front clear, but it's MY DAMNED HOUSE. I should be able to park in front of it, and not have my mail held hostage because someone is too lazy to step out of her truck. I argued with her manager today, and he's a policy-quoter, too. "If we had to get out of the truck for everyone, we'd never get the mail delivered." No kidding, Steve-o, but not everyone has a 12-foot curb in front of their house like I do! He said he'd talk to Deborah, and drive by and take a look at the street.

I told him my next step was to put up a sign that says, "Please don't park in front of my house, because my mail carrier is too lazy to get out of her truck."

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Just don't ask them to go one iota above the minimum required effort every once in a while.
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