19 June 2007

The Nuge Rocks!

Here's Ted, telling it like it is. Cliff's notes version is that the left is the group in this country that is intolerant, not the right. And I've gotta say, he's right on the money here.

You don't think I'm (we're) right?? Try smoking a good cigar in any one of many cities, including Dallas, that has banned public smoking. Wanna carry a gun for your own defense? Better not live in one of the many liberal cities that has determined guns are more dangerous than cars. Wanna listen to talk radio?? Better get in on that quick before the lefties make that illegal too through the so called "fairness" doctrine. How about celebrate Christmas?

And now, the Nuge lets us know that certain roadies were canned by Sir Paul - an econazi of the nth degree - for sneaking a hamburger in on tour. That's right, eating red meat on tour with the Beatle will get you fired.
You heard that right. Fired for eating meat by an animal-rights maniac, hard-core vegan bass player.

Examine the agendas of the liberal "party of peace." Its members clearly don't believe you and I are smart enough or capable of making our own choices in life.

While conservatives "live and let live," the left arrogantly thinks it knows better than we do and will burden "we the people" with more government control until we are taxed to death.
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