04 May 2007

Mavs Suck!

Listening to the talking heads this year, the Mavs were already the NBA champs. After all, last year they were a pleasant surprise making the finals only to lose it... This year they were expected to take it all and with the best record in the NBA they looked to be a shoe in.


They sucked ass. First time in a 7 game series that the last seeded team beat the first seeded team. Watching the games, it was clear that the Warriors just flat out wanted it more. When the big German went 1 for 10 from the field last night in the first half I went to bed - because it was clear an ass whipping was on its way.

And that's what they got. All the talk about Dirk for MVP means squat because as of now, he's the Payton Manning of the NBA. Tears it up during the regular season and a whole lotta nuthin' in the playoffs.

All I can say is I'm glad I didn't lose any sleep in the ass whipping last night.
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