23 April 2007

Now THAT's Tactical

Porta's Cat wrote last week about things that just aren't true. As usual, he made a lot of sense.

In my perusing of the Internet, I came back across a website which shall go largely un-named because I would hate like hell for anyone to actually go there and think this fellow was some sort of expert.

Enter this clip:

Now, if you paid attention, you'll notice the fellow pulling the trigger barely gets his hit ON PAPER (but not ON TARGET) with his first round, and from all appearances, yanked his second round off and to the left of the entire freaking target. At about 2 yards. I'll tell you right now - that's pathetic. This fellow takes the position that if you LOOK tactical - then you must know how to shoot. He's got two guns on his body. He's wearing BDUs. But he can't shoot.

For more learning, let's observe this clip:

A few points of interest here.

First, anyone who is teaching defensive shooting that tells you to just stand there and blow rounds downrange is going to get you killed. Period. You damn well better be able to shoot and move, preferably laterally.

Second, do you really think in an urban environment, surrounded by houses, children, neighbors, etc that you want to do this sort of shooting? As proven in clip 1, he's not hitting jack sheeeit. Where do you think all those rounds going downrange are going to impact? You'd damn well better be able to account for every stinking shot that leaves your weapon. And the only way to do that is to actually be watching the little bump on the front of the barrel or have the muzzle pressed right up against the bad guy.

Third, the tactical scan. Next to the tactical reload, that has to be one of the all time stupidest, dumb assed thing I've seen the tactical trainers teach. That works great when you're scanning PAPER targets to see if you've hit it or not. I mean, really, let's think about this for a second... if you are shooting at someone who means you bodily harm and they're still coming at you, what are you going to do, stop and scan or keep shooting?

The other problem I've seen with about 99.9% of shooters who do the tactical scan in practice or at matches is that THEY DON'T ACTUALLY SEE! I have seen shooters scan targets that are completely missing holes, or scan steel that's still standing up - without re-engaging the target! What's the point, I wonder, except it looks like you're a tactical MoFo. If you're going to look, freaking SEE!

So, just because it's on the internets doesn't mean it's true! And if you figure out how to get to this bozo's website, buyer beware!
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