14 March 2007

Gun Guys : Where Everyone's a Straight Shooter!

I'm not giving these jackasses a link, because they don't deserve traffic from my site. However, you DO need to take a look at GunGuys.com.

This is the most shrill, over-the-top bunch of gun-grabbing loonies I've seen in some time - yes, even more so than our pals at the VPC. They make no bones about where they stand: they want to ban all guns. They're such chickenshits, they don't allow for comments on their ridiculous articles. I'm sure it'd really torque their psyches to have to respond intelligently to intelligent discourse on their positions.

After reading only a couple of posts, I've hit bullshit bingo - they use every single tired phrase in the gun-grabber's catalog.

What's really sad is that these lunkheads represent a small portion of people who actually think like they do. An example? Sure, here you go:
A while back we gave kudos to a South Dakota paper for putting the list of CCW permitholders in that state online and searchable– the public has a right to know who chooses to endanger their communities by carrying a concealed weapons. The Roanoke Times in Virginia recently decided to do the same thing, but the gun guys unleashed their jackbooted thugs for some Jim Zumbo-style vengeance, and now the Times has foolishly decided that a pack of barking dogs should have more influence on their activities than keeping the citizens of Virginia safe from concealed weapons.
You read it right - those of us who choose to carry concealed weapons are apparently a danger to our communities. Isn't that charming? I hope that if one of these morons is being assaulted, raped, robbed, or murdered, that a CHL holder is there. We'll see if that changes their tune.
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