21 February 2007

The Dog

Well, considering we've had nothing but shooting oriented posts as of late, I figured it was time to post something a less testosterone filled for our readers of the female persuasion.

Here you see Remi - who's about as big as she's gonna get; probably pushing 55-60 pounds if I were to make a guess.

Thus far, any early promise she showed as a huntin' dog have pretty much gone down the drain. And at long last I'm ok with that. To be honest it pretty much pissed me off when we'd go to work on her retrieving and she'd retrieve perfectly for a coupla times and then "poof" no more retrieving whatsoever.

If she starts to show some promise and interest in it as she gets out of her adolescent stage, we'll start working on it again, but for now we're just working on her being a good girl and a good member of the family - sitting, staying, and coming when she's called. Most of the time she does pretty well at that.

As you can see in the picture, she's still very much in that chewing stage, although in her defense, she can go a lot longer without adult supervision. I think she's up to about 45 seconds now.

All in all, she's a great dog, jumps up in bed every morning and licks my face to wake me up and there's really not many better things in life than that.
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