19 December 2006

Fool me once, shame on you...

Is anyone surprised that the same Secretary General of the UN that oversaw the oil for food fiasco has been mooching off the taxpayers of New York for decades?

The questions multiply. Did Kofi Annan ever give up the lease on his old Roosevelt Island apartment? If he did, how did it end up in the possession of his brother's family? Why does the nephew appear to be the chief occupant today of an apartment that under Mitchell-Lama guidelines is meant for a low- to moderate-income New York family of between 5 and 6 people?

Kofi Annan's former dwelling is not the sole source of Roosevelt Island's Mitchell-Lama mysteries. The enclave is known for its heavy concentration of U.N. staff, many of whom receive U.N. housing allowances on top of whatever savings they might enjoy at the expense of New York state taxpayers.

The questions about the Annan apartment are not the first about various Annan family ventures to have emerged only to go unanswered.

The secretary-general misled the press for years about the nature of his son's business involvement with the Oil-for-Food program. When asked at a press conference last year about a Mercedes that his son shipped into Ghana in 1998 under false use of the secretary-general's name and the U.N. seal, Mr. Annan ducked the question by accusing the reporter of being a bad journalist.

All of this from a holier than thou crook who should be tossed out of the United States on his ass at our earliest opportunity. Hopefully soon to be followed by the remainder of the UN...
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