04 April 2005

Mark Alexander: The 'Gun Problem'

"What was the problem? Leftists brace yourself: It was not a gun problem, but a culture problem. Amazingly, Barnes inadvertently touched on this problem, saying, 'Our leaders are preaching about the culture of life. They should spend the same amount of energy taking steps to stop our nation's culture of death.' Of course, Barnes and his ilk think the culture of death begins and ends with guns. Their silence on the real cultural problems is deafening. "
I guess the good news is that the Brady Bunch and their ilk are having to resort to more shrill and ludicrous claims in a feeble attempt to advance their agenda. The bad news is that they choose to take advantage of every single opportunity to get themselves in the media and spout their gibberish. Alexander does a good job of fisking the latest rhetoric surrounding the Red Lake shootings.
Of course, focusing on inanimate objects like guns is far easier than focusing on cultural problems, particularly since many of the problems in question are the result of Leftist doctrines -- like parents (particularly fathers) who have abdicated the responsibility for raising responsible and moral children to government schools. The cultural consequences of renouncing that responsibility are exacerbated by the phony "Wall of Separation" arguments, which Left judicial activists have used to eliminate religious (read: "moral") training from those schools, and remove the Ten Commandments in principle and substance.
Why do kids kill today? Because nobody's teaching them that it's WRONG.
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