06 April 2005

Oregon State Daily Barometer Online - Don't throw out the antivenom, just in case

"The NRA is often attacked for defending the private ownership of assault weapons. They are insulted as lunatic hate-mongers who just love violence and death and big mean guns that kill. I'm not going to examine whether or not that's true or accurate.
I don't care.
The issue here is that the NRA's main message, that it is defending the intent of the Second Amendment, is dead on."
This article is pretty darned good. It starts out reading like an anti-gun tirade, but keep on.
The right of the people to own weaponry is predicated upon the notion that a well-regulated militia is necessary to our very security.

Now, ask yourself when it was that our national security was last threatened by a mule deer or a covey of quail?

Obviously, never.
I sincerely hope this country never has to suffer a second Civil War, but I also hope I'm never bitten by a rattlesnake.

That doesn't mean, however, that I support destroying the world stock of antivenom.

A well-armed public, much like antivenom, is good to have, just in case.
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