23 October 2005

Are we losing?

Well, if you read the AP or Reuters, we're losing our asses in Iraq. Is it really any surprise that the President's approval ratings are low and the average sheep, I mean, American thinks we're losing the war?

A search of AP stories in the past week, since the Iraqi vote shows 43 stories concerning Iraq. Not one of them could be considered positive. NOT. ONE. Do you find it odd, dear reader, that there has not been ONE story with a positive shine on Iraq coming to us from the AP? A quick glance to Reuters' stories shows the same thing. NOT. ONE.

You know, I think the press would be completely at fault if all it wrote was glowing, supportive stories of our efforts on the war - nothing is perfect. The opposite is true as well. I find it hard to believe, nay, impossible to believe that nothing is going our way in this war. And you know what, a lot is going our way. Why is it that we don't hear about it?

At least the good folks at CENTCOM are TRYING to get the story out. It's just too damn bad no one is listening.

In case you're too lazy to check the link, there's some interesting facts (not the bloated, overpaid opinions you'll find on CNNABCCBSMSNBC) to be found.

The number of applications for poll workers increased by more than 4x. Sounds like someone is buying into the new system.

Approximately 60% of registered voters voted. Hell, that's more by far than vote in THIS country.

Attacks, suicide bombers, and violence are all slashed massively since the January vote.

You have to ask why this has not been reported.

I'm sure it's not because of any liberal bias in the media.
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